I am a lifelong cat owner; I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have them.  Before leaving home I took over a gorgeous cat, Rosie, who was born with a birth deformity and have her front paw amputated.  She was bonkers, her nickname was “Tigger” as she didn’t let her disability stop her.  I lost her in 2005 to tumours in her abdomen, which had ruptured blood vessels.

I also had a rescue puss, Smokey, who were rescued by animal rights clients where I worked.  His owners wanted to have him put to sleep as he sprayed (yet they hadn’t had him neutered).  Smokey was only eight when I lost him to bladder problems.  My mum took in a pregnant stray, Flossy.  Flossy gave birth to six boys (I kept two, my mum kept two and my younger sister kept two).  I had Spot (who I lost at the age of fifteen to a tumour in his nose and who I miss so very much) and I have Spot’s brother, Garfield, who is seventeen years old.  My mum and I have both fostered for Cats Protection and her first rescues were a mum and four kittens who were found in a shed in Offerton.  I gave the girls a fur-ever home and my sister gave the boys a fur-ever home (we found a good home for mum with an elderly couple in Preston who fed her a prawn as a treat every day!).

My girls are now eleven and are the adult torties who are the photos on here.  Lily is a beast and would love to be a looked after alley cat, doesn’t listen to the word “no” and. If she was a child, she would have to be the centre of everything.  Her sister Lucky is so different, so soft and scared of her own shadow.  Next came little Charley-Mittens.  He was found with pelvic injuries as a kitten.  He was a total free spirit and hated staying in.  He would only come home for fuss, food and to “dump” his presents.  I lost him in August 2014 to a rta, he was only five.  So, down to three.

I have been closely involved with a local rescue group, Rescue Kitties Manchester and try to donate as much as I can, whether by way of donation or beds, food, crates, litter etc.  I heard about two little kittens who were found in an alleyway in Longsight at barely four weeks old, we think to a feral mum.  They were taken in and with a lovely foster mum until I decided to take them in October 2016.  They are full of mischief.  Pickle is just a beast (he is the little black kitten in the photographs), he is into anything and scampers off, chunnering away with himself if you tell him “no”.  His sister, Olive (the tortie kitten) is a lot smaller and daintier than her brother, but she has learnt that it is good to let him take the blame.

So, this is how it began, my love of cats and catsitting.  I have been a catsitter since the beginning of January 2011 as I guessed that there were other people in the position I was, in that they wanted their furries cared for when they were away, but they didn’t want them to go in the cattery, away from you and away from their home.  My neighbours say that my cats are worse than kids, which put me in a bit of a position.  I didn’t want them going in the cattery, Spot used to go on hunger strike and they were so miserable when they got home and it took them a while to get back to normal.  I offer this service to you so that you can go away with a clear conscience, that your cats are being well taken care of in their own home, all their home comforts, but with me going in to tend to them and also as added security for your home.

As mentioned above, I am closely involved with Rescue Kitties Manchester  who are an amazing non profit making charity who rescues pregnant feral mums and kittens and finds them loving homes.  We have sadly lost a lovely little girl who was only nine months old, little Brie.  She was born with congenital defects and we recently had the awful sad news that she had wet FIP and we had to say goodbye to her on 13th February 2017. She was such a little fighter and we will miss her so very much.  This is Brie.

I would also like to say a couple of words about this little girl.  This is Beryl and she is the oldest cat I knew, her distraught owner having to say “goodbye” at the age of 22.  Beryl was such a character and loved by everybody who knew her.

If it isn’t for my love of cats, I wouldn’t be involved with such lovely local groups and not be “spoken about” due to my love of cats!!

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